PRESS RELEASE: New year brings new website for local Healthwatch

Healthwatch Doncaster is pleased to launch its new website today giving local people a place to have their say on health and social care services by working with Care Opinion to obtain feedback
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With the use of a Care Opinion widget, people can have their say on health and social care services via the Healthwatch Doncaster website feeding into the former’s national website, allowing comments to be published and an opportunity for service providers to respond.

Akhlaq Hanif, Digital and Data Analysis Officer at Healthwatch Doncaster, said:

“Digital developments always move at a pace and we felt the start of 2021 would be an apt moment to refresh our website aesthetically and more importantly, to make it a hub for local people to visit for health and social care news and providing feedback.”

The website has a designated page on Covid-19 that includes information on vaccinations, testing and general advice.

There is a vast archive of news, including all of our project reports when we have helped local people have their say on health and social care, the impact of micro-grant scheme and the work of our Enter and View representatives.

Andrew Goodall, Healthwatch Doncaster Chief Operating Officer, said:

“Our Advice and Information section is giving people the control to access information on health and social care, for example sourcing availability at a nearby Dentist or GP. We hope the ability to find local services will lead to better health outcomes for the people of Doncaster."

Daily Dose 

Healthwatch Doncaster’s Daily Dose, launched last year to help people stay engaged and informed virtually, will have sessions this week as Akhlaq will be providing a walkthrough on the new site. You can find out about how to get involved here.

Engage, Inform, Influence

After three months of implementation, the new website will continue to help Healthwatch fulfil its objectives of: having people have their say on health and social care services in Doncaster; signpost people to the right service or find information to help them and engage with them – virtually at the moment - regarding health and social care topics.

Care Opinion Chief Executive James Munro said:

“We’re excited to be working with Healthwatch Doncaster to make it easier for people to share their experiences of health and care services in ways which are safe, simple and heard directly by clinical professionals.

“Our organisations are both non-profit and share a common mission of helping people to make a real difference to the services we all rely on.”

Access the new Healthwatch Doncaster website


Notes to editors:

Healthwatch Doncaster is a Community Interest Company as of 1st July 2016, to continue its work across Doncaster supporting the improvement of health and care services through engagement, involvement and influence.

This entails engagement work throughout the community and signposting people to the right service.

Press release contact:

Healthwatch Doncaster Chief Operating Officer Andrew Goodall:

07834 686855 or 01302 965450

Healthwatch Doncaster Digital and Data Analysis Officer Akhlaq Hanif:

07834686851 or 01302 965450

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