Volunteers' experiences: in their words

Let our volunteers tell you why volunteering with us is so rewarding in their own words
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I hadn’t heard of Healthwatch until my sister suggested I become a volunteer. I was recovering from depression, anxiety and stress and she thought that volunteering would do me good. She was right!

"At the time, I had very little confidence and had been reluctant to engage with people. The exceptional training, support and encouragement I received made such a difference to me.

"My main engagement at the moment is Enter and View. As a member of the planning group and a Lead Representative, I’m part of a team that brings about positive changes in local care homes by encouraging and sharing good practice.

"It’s incredibly rewarding when our recommendations are implemented and we know that, however small, we’ve been instrumental in improving the experiences of some of society’s most vulnerable people. I love it.

“By being a Healthwatch volunteer, I’ve made new friends, acquired new skills and had many  opportunities to participate in wide range of events”


Volunteering with Healthwatch is very satisfying and gives me a great sense of achievement
— Healthwatch Doncaster Volunteer

"Volunteering with Healthwatch Doncaster enabled me to make new friends and help people in our community by pointing them in the right direction when needing information, help or assistance with concerns around health and social care service provision."


I have fun while doing something worthwhile
— Healthwatch Doncaster

"After retiring, I once again found I needed to “do something”. So I went online and found Healthwatch via do-it.org website, I’m so glad I did! I am able to engage with a wide range of people and do what I’m good at – talk; and more importantly listen. I can do as much; or as little as I want and have all the support I need from the team at Healthwatch."


Becoming a volunteer with them has given me back a purpose and the opportunity to contribute my bit towards our society
— Diana

"I have been a volunteer with Healthwatch Doncaster since December 2017, and find it helps me to play a part in supporting our community and to meet new people."


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