Doncaster Keeping Safe Forum

Doncaster’s Keeping Safe Forum is a place for people and professionals to come together to share a mutual interest in keeping people safe and well in our local area
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Join the monthly meetings

Anyone is welcome to attend the virtual forums on a monthly basis to join in discussions and learn together about local services available to help keep us safe in Doncaster.

In addition to this, each monthly meeting showcases guest speakers to empower forum members to help people stay safe and well. With this in mind if you would like to speak at a forum meeting you are more than welcome.
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Future meeting dates

  • 18th August 2021 
  • 22nd September 2021 
  • 13th October 2021 
  • 17th November 2021 

For more information about the forum and how you, or your organisation, can get involved, get in touch

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