Home Care and Support Project

The Healthwatch Doncaster volunteers identified that there should be a piece of work focussed on Care and Support at Home so that people who receive care at home could share their views and experiences about the quality of that care
Black elderly woman ina nursing home being spoken to by a nurse

Listening to people have their say

The chosen method was to speak to people at engagement events around the Borough and via Survey Monkey online. This also gave us a dual perspective as we were able to ask current recipients of care and support at home about their experience and also gain insight from potential recipients as to what they would like care to look like in the future.

Summary of recommendations

  • Poor communication between providers and clients was a strong theme in our engagement work. 
  • People told us about carers not having time to fully read the care plan and thereby understand the client’s needs.
  • Many of these people told us that their family member does not receive any support in fulfilling this [caring] role and are not aware what, if any, support is available for carers.
  • Healthwatch Doncaster recommend that more needs to be done at community level to raise awareness of support available for informal carers.
  • Social isolation and loneliness for people receiving care and support at home came across as a theme.
  • Healthwatch Doncaster recommend that more needs to be done to ensure that Care and Support at Home providers and care staff are aware of the implications of late and missed care calls on recipients of care and the impact on their social isolation and loneliness.


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