Micro-Grant Report: Partially Sighted Society (2018)

The purpose of the project was to encourage ‘non-techie’ people with a visually impairment to try using an Amazon Echo to see if Alexa would be useful in their daily lives. This would also help towards reducing some peoples’ social isolation.
Volunteer manager smiling at the camera


  • We learnt that you can encourage someone who is not very forthcoming to try new things. The short and long-term difference to the individuals is more independence.
  • To our service it is that the ECHO gives another option to our customers when looking at all the aids and equipment that is available to help anyone living with sight loss to continue living independent lives.
  • It would be good for other populations, such as those with hand issues through arthritis etc and for most elderly people


If you need this report in a different format, please email info@healthwatchdoncaster.org.uk or call 01302 965450  

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