NHS Long Term Plan Focus Group Report: Barnsley Refugee Council Men’s Group

This was a drop in for men of all ethnicities to get together and discuss topics which are relevant to them. They encourage and welcome new people to the group and give support to new arrivals in particular
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What did they do?

The sessions are normally a ‘round the table’ discussion, with everyone encouraged to be involved. This fitted with their focus group approach, so they kept to that format. The men all spoke good English so interpretation was not necessary, although the men did support each other if they needed to. The group were also supported by the Refugee Council development worker and some of their volunteers. There were 6 people in the focus group mainly young single men, with one person there who had family. They started off by talking informally about the reason for the focus group and the main points of the Long Term plan. They then looked at the plan in more detail by using the PowerPoint presentation.

Conclusions from Barnsley Refugee Council Men’s Group

  • The group would like to see Digital Technology further developed especially around appointment systems, information and medical records
  • Universal access to digital medical records through a credit card system or something similar.
  • Further development of the Social Prescribing Services. To include more areas within medical facilities. To provide individual support for the prevention of dependency on medical services. This would help with alleviating lower level mental health issues etc.
  • Funding to support Voluntary Agencies etc. to be able to give information and advice to communities and individuals to help people understand initial health symptoms and contribute to their wellbeing.
  • To work with schools and communities offering further support for children with mental health illness and to support awareness raising within schools around mental wellbeing.


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