NHS Long Term Plan Focus Group Report: Burton Street Foundation Focus Group

Healthwatch Sheffield facilitated a two hour focus group with a group of ten adults with learning disabilities. Five support staff employed by Burton Street Foundation were also in attendance. The group was well established and were comfortable
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What did they do?

Participants were provided with an easy read workbook and had sight of a flip chart which featured images from the workbook. The team began with introductions and an explanation of the work being carried out by Healthwatch in relation to the long term plan. A matching exercise, involving images of a doctor, dentist and optician and an item linked to them, was completed to scope the group’s knowledge so that discussion and facilitation was pitched appropriately. Discussion was encouraged based on each question in the workbook, and participants indicated their overall view (positive/negative/neutral) with an expressive face sticker. The final planned activity was an opportunity for participants to record their own story about a healthcare experience.

Conclusion from Burton Street Foundation Focus Group

Participants had a good understanding of the importance of healthy living but felt they needed more support to take part in physical exercise and hobbies. This support could include accessible equipment, paid carers and more accessible transport (and better support for physically disabled people using public transport). Participants were passionate about the importance of hobbies and contact with other people in relation to their health and wellbeing, especially the people they are closest to. Participants recognised that different people have different needs and wishes when it comes to living independently. This correlates with the move towards more personal centred care, shared decision making and the ‘What Matters to You?’ approach


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