NHS Long Term Plan Focus Group Report: People Focussed Group Report (2)

A group of adults ranging across all ages who meet together for the purposes of Peer Support around mental health. This was the second visit to the PFG and gave access to some of the previous members from the week previous but in addition gave access
Front cover of report with infographics

What did they do?

They met and considered what would be the best approach when engaging with groups about the NHS Long Term Plan. The desired outcomes would be for them to gain feedback on the content of the Plan and felt that they needed to be conscious of their style if they were to achieve contributions from any groups. The opinion was that for many groups the formal survey would not get their attention and they had to think about their delivery very carefully. Team members worked in partnership to interpret the survey and create resources to assist in their delivery. Efforts were made to aid the facilitators to deliver a succinct summary of the points made in the document to encourage discussion. They developed a Power point presentation that they felt might be appropriate for some sessions however, they felt that in the majority of the sessions they should use the laminated slides from the Power point as crib sheets to achieve the most effective approach.

Conclusion from People Focussed Group

  • They are concerned about the support for people with Mental Health problems and stated that this needs to be a focus for the N.H.S.
  • They identified that their cares/family are unable to support them appropriately due to lack of support for themselves, lack of knowledge or because their own unhelpful views and opinions. They agreed that increasing their knowledge and skills and providing them with appropriate support would enhance the lives of those with Mental Health difficulties.
  • The group suggested there should be more support for young people to prevent situations becoming worst as they transition into adulthood
  • Efforts need to be made to reduce stigma
  • There is a distinct lack of Social Workers available to deal with the demands of service users and manage their caseloads effectively


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