NHS Long Term Plan Focus Group Report: Renew 123

A community group supported by the local church in Bentley. They offer help to anyone irrelevant of their religious beliefs. Engagement around the views and opinions of local people in regards to the NHS Long Term Plan
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What did they do?

A group of ten people gathered at the Renew 123 community centre to share their views on the subject of NHS Long Term Plan. They were very animated and keen to share their views as they’d never been approached before to be involved in being able to inform and influence local health and social care services. The engagement session was delivered informally with participants enjoying a hot beverage and sweet treat while discussion points were raised on different aspects of the long term plan, the main discussion points were around mental health services, how people feel there could be so much more achieved in the Doncaster area especially around young people and early intervention. Alongside this, effective and positive community support had already been experience by many of the people in this group and confident that it helps them maintain connected within their community and support them to have a more quality fulfilled life than have the upheaval of being admitted to hospital. With this in mind, the commitments to community support were welcomed and actively encouraged.

Conclusion from Renew 123

In conclusion, regarding the NHS Long Term Plan participants of the focus group were incredibly positive and receptive to the outlined commitments that could be implemented over the next ten years. Their feedback heavily focused on mental health services, and how young people should be offered a proactive support on self-care and understanding their emotions rather than reactive care after an issue has come to light. In addition to this, the group were passionate and believed that their local community is vital to keeping everyone well and safe.


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