NHS Long Term Plan Focus Group Report: Sheffield Futures

Healthwatch Sheffield facilitated a focus group with a group of Sheffield Futures’ Young Advisors and members of the Youth Cabinet. There were 13 participants in total, aged between 13 and 24.
Front cover of report with infographics

What did they do?

The focus group was structured around three activities:

  • Lifestyle and long-term health conditions exercise
  • ‘Healthytown’ exercise
  • Storyboard exercise

Conclusion from Sheffield Futures

Participants had:

  • A clear understanding of the impact of people’s lifestyles on their health, and were keen to discuss the role that schools can play.
  • Had ideas about how schools could support young people to have a better understanding of healthy living
  • Felt that services such as youth clubs located in communities encourage a healthy lifestyle for young people. When this is not possible, they wanted accessible and cheap public transport links so that travel would not be a barrier.
  • Participants gave mixed feedback about the impact of digital resources on people’s health. Some participants said face-to-face interactions were always preferable, whilst others highlighted their positive experiences with services such as digital counselling.


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