Micro-Grant Report: DonMentia (2019)

The micro grant supported DonMentia to purchase merchandise and fund printing that informs the community through events of the support that is available for people affected by Dementia.
A man stood up holding a microphone at a event


DonMentia has learned it is a partner in the dementia world of Doncaster and that it is better to work together than in isolation.

In the short term more people affected by dementia have been supported and three new groups have commenced (or are about to commence) delivering projects that will benefit a variety of people affected by dementia.

The medium to long term impact is that DonMentia as a brand for “doing good” is strengthened and thus will receive more donations and bequests.

The key message from DonMentia is that partnerships and collaboration can produce a sustainable impact.


If you need this report in a different format, please email info@healthwatchdoncaster.org.uk or call 01302 965450  

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