Enter and View: Thorndene Care Home

The home has been under new management since the summer and is currently undergoing a programme of re-organisation.
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Recommendations of visit

Based on our observations we would recommend the following:

  • Replacing residents’ white raised toilet seats with coloured ones that contrast with toilets, these would facilitate the dignity and independence of those with dementia.
  • That the staff toilet on the upper floor be made inaccessible to residents, as there is no alarm cord.
  • That security fastenings are attached to all opening windows as some windows in upstairs toilets and bathroom are able to be opened to their fullest extent which could pose a risk to safety.
  • Moving some of the signage and nostalgia pictures down as they a situated very high up on walls and therefore less accessible to residents.
  • That all staff undertake refresher training on fire evacuation procedures as not all staff that we asked were able to tell us confidently about the procedure for evacuating residents with mobility issues from the upper floor.
  • The provision of suitable tables for residents who prefer dining in the lounge, as the tables currently being used are quite low and therefore necessitate the residents bending forward to reach their plates.


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