People's experiences of Cancer services in Doncaster

Reports during the pandemic highlighted the importance of gathering people's experience of accessing cancer services in Doncaster.
Cancer report

Cancer services as well as many others have been affected by Covid-19 and a recent project by Healthwatch Doncaster heard from a number of local people about their experiences.

Many patients at the start of their journey highlighted the support and competence demonstrated by GPs.

Digital care was substituted for face-to-face care in many cases and opinions about digital consultations varied

Very positive feedback in relation to care and treatment was received about experiences at the Jasmine Centre and the Chatsfield Suite at Doncaster Royal Infirmary however patents felt they should be more involved in their cancer journey

It is evident that services have been delivered in a very different way over the last few months and Healthwatch Doncaster want to use the voices of local people to help shape future services.

Healthwatch Doncaster Engagement Team Manager, Jill Telford, said:

 “The findings and recommendations within the report will be shared with providers and commissioners, this is an opportunity for both provider and commissioners to reflect and learn from these stories”


People's experiences of cancer services in Doncaster
People's voices and words - lived experience of cancer services in Doncaster

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