Enter and View

Part of the local Healthwatch programme is to carry out Enter and View visits to get a clearer picture of health and social care service provision locally, to help ensure that the people of Doncaster are receiving good quality, accessible care
A man standing in a hospital reception area

Local Healthwatch representatives carry out these visits to publicly funded services, to find out how they are being run and make recommendations to enhance the patient/service user experience.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 allows local Healthwatch Authorised Representatives to observe service delivery and talk to service users, their families and staff in premises such as hospitals, residential homes, GP practices, dental surgeries, optometrists and pharmacies.

Enter and View visits can take place as a reaction to information we receive but, equally, they can occur when services have a good reputation – so we can learn about and share examples of what they do well.

Healthwatch Doncaster has a duty to publish the names of it’s Authorised Representatives:

  • Kathleen Bowes
  • John Burke
  • Sheila Barnes
  • Deirdre Coward
  • Susan Flintoff
  • Sharon Faulkner
  • Diana Foster
  • Martin Flanagan
  • Janet Graves
  • Sandra Hodson
  • Steve Lyons
  • Georgina Newman
  • Linda Pinder

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