Enter and View: Stenson Court Care Home

The Authorised Representatives felt that the home had a caring, supportive, friendly atmosphere. Residents seemed happy and well cared for. Everyone was welcoming and the manager and staff appeared friendly and open with us.
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  • All alarm pulls in residents’ toilets should be free hanging and extended to just above floor length.
  • Replace residents’ white toilet seats and riser seats with coloured ones that contrast with the white frames and toilets. These would be dementia friendly.
  • Replace white grab rails and bars in toilets and bathrooms with coloured ones to make them more visible and dementia friendly.
  • To increase visibility, corridor handrails should be painted in clearly contrasting colours.
  • Check that clocks are working and accessible to all.
  • To ease access for residents with dementia, main activities timetables should show activities for the current day only.
  • Written activity timetables, recently introduced by head office, are not dementia friendly.
  • Have separate notice boards for different types of information e.g. policies and procedures separate from information for relatives.


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