Why volunteer with us?

  • The opportunity to make a real difference by being part of a team that seeks to EngageInform and Influence

  • With the aim of ensuring that health and social care services are the best that they can be for everyone

  • People volunteer for many different reasons, maybe to build their skills, gain experience whilst looking for a job, contribute to their community, meet new people

Volunteering with Healthwatch Doncaster


We could tell you about the experiences of our volunteers talking about what it's like to volunteer with Healthwatch Doncaster, but it's always better to hear it from them directly.

In this video, filmed and edited by Michael Smith, they share their stories on being a Healthwatch Doncaster volunteer

women talking to a man with a clipboard

Help people in your community have their say on health and social care

The reasons to volunteer and benefits to be derived from volunteering are many. Our new volunteer offer is extremely flexible so even if you don’t have much free time you could still make a valuable contribution, helping local people have their say on health and social care services

male volunteer holding a clipboard

Help improve local services

We train some of our volunteers to visit health and social care services and report on people's experiences. You might be observing the service, gathering the views of patients, residents and staff, and contributing to reports which highlight your findings.

female using a computer whilst drinking a coffee

Help raise awareness of Healthwatch

During the Covid-19 pandemic, volunteering has developed in a different way as our volunteers have adapted and used Zoom to stay in touch with each other and continuing to help your voice be heard and raise awareness of Healthwatch

female volunteer putting on a ribbon

Volunteer reflections

Our volunteers have been an integral part of Healthwatch Doncaster's journey and you can read their story and feedback on what volunteering with Healthwatch has been like

Volunteer stories